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Hey There

Welcome to Un- Done

Un-Done is a new exhibitions project located in what was formally the Wedge Projects Extension, after the pandemic hit, and while, for so many of us, basic understandings about our lives became uncertain. They had become undone. All of us faced altered expectations, and perceptions about the world, and even about how we’d spend our time. Unsurprisingly, Wedge changed too, and the decision was made to dis-include the Extension space from its programming.

In its place, Un-Done will begin, aiming towards being a responsive project open to serious, creative options and contributions, the parameters of which are yet indefinite. 


The formative notion for this project is that future programming, through the initiative others, will be brought to Un-Done. Looking forward, it is hoped and expected that Un-Done will wind along a somewhat unpredictable path determined by the thought and inspiration of many others. It is in this spirit that the brain trust at Un-Done (such as it is) will be looking forward with enthusiasm to your thoughts and feedback, concepts, and dispositions, whether specific or general, about the Un-Done project.

We should talk but that’s up to you. 

With that then, I’m extending an open invitation to reach out and visit Un-Done. The schedule on this end is usually quite flexible. 

Email me at: 

Finally, Un-Done is a private initiative. And while I consider it to be a member of the Wedge family, Un-Done is not legally or for tax purposes affiliated with Wedge Projects. 


Email me at:

Peter flaps, Un-Done

Peter Fleps, Un-Done, 2021. Photograph by Dorit Jordan Dotan

Peter Flaps_edited.jpg
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